Discover a Sweet Surprise Inside Every Dairy Queen Blizzard with NEW Lil’ Blizzard Friends!

Lil Blizzard Friends and Dairy Queen Blizzards

It’s no secret you can find a sweet treat inside any Dairy Queen Blizzard, but until now that treat included a blend of your favorite sundae toppings and ice cream flavors.

Sunny Days Entertainment has brought to you the newest pleasure inside your Blizzard cup – Lil’ Blizzard Friends!

Series 1 includes 24 sweet surprise friends, each with their own distinct personality and look. These characters are designed with vivid colors, cartoon-like features, and dessert-inspired attributes.

Not only does each character have its own individualistic design, but their own name. Boo Berry, Cara Caramel, and Lil’ Peanut are just a few of the personalities kids and DQ fans can collect.

Dairy Queen Lil Blizzard Friends

Each Lil’ Blizzard Friend comes inside a Blizzard Treat, inspired by one of six classic Dairy Queen Blizzard Treat favorites. Upon opening, kids 3 and up can find their doll wrapped in blind packaging, heightening the element of surprise.

Young girl playing with a toy blizzard cup

In addition, each Lil’ Blizzard Friend comes with at least one accessory. All 24 characters include a removable outfit, and 12 feature detachable hair. As kids collect, they’re able to mix and match accessories, inventing their own Lil’ Blizzard Friend styles and creations.

Small plastic blizzard cups

These animated toys are a fun and fresh spin off the original DQ snack that will surprise and delight kids with every purchase. Get yours here:

Be sure you stay up to date on all the sweet surprises in store by following the Lil’ Blizzard Friend social media channels!

Instagram: @lilblizzardfriends

Facebook: Lil’ Blizzard Friends

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