Genie Surprise: Magic Bottles Transform Into Collectible Dolls

Girl with multiple genie surprise toy bottles

There may be quite a few items on your child’s toy wish list, but Sunny Days Entertainment may be able to grant multiple with just one toy: Genie Surprise.

Genie Surprise adds more than one twist to the classic doll experience. Packaged as shiny, uniquely colored bottles, these toys captivate attention and spark imagination from the moment they’re unboxed.

It takes only seconds to turn one of these mystical bottles into a wish-granting bestie. The plastic top seamlessly comes off, revealing a wide-eyed genie princess hidden inside. Just use your thumbs to pop the genie up and out of captivity!

Young girl plays with genie surprise toy
Young girl plays with genie surprise toy doll
Sunny Days magic bottles that turn into collectible doll toys

Once revealed, each genie doll is clothed in a shimmering ball gown and multicolored jewel crown with silky long hair. The doll can stand alone and has moveable arms and head for more creative play.

The genie doll is just one of the many surprises incorporated in this special playset. The silver gem on the top of the bottle isn’t just removable, it’s a wearable fortune-telling ring. Just shake the ring for a response to any question. 

Genie surprise bottle that turns into toy doll

Turn the bottleneck clockwise and detach it to reveal a mini scroll with a secret message. Finally, peek under the remaining bottle piece to discover a vanity mirror.

Young girl looking inside magic bottle that turns into collectible dolls
Young girl looking through toy

With six dolls to collect, these five-in-one toys are sure to provide children with hours of inventive play.

Young girl with small dolls

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