Meet Cool Cats: The Latest Sweet Collectible From Sunny Days Entertainment, LLC

Young girl holding two stuffed animal cats

In this technocentric day and age, it’s easy to see how kids can be captivated by robots, tablets, and virtual reality goggles, but there’s just something about a stuffed animal that tugs at the heartstrings.

Stuffed animals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but they all offer the same core characteristic—they’re soft friends perfect for snuggling and companionship.

Sunny Days Entertainment, LLC has managed to preserve the classic plush pals we know and love, complete with an added refreshing twist with their new line, Cool Cats.

Cool Cats offer kids the thrill of a hidden surprise by packaging the cute kitties inside a soft and squishy ice cream cone.

Toy ice cream side view
Toy ice cream

These smooth, squishy cones make a great accessory for a day spent playing pretend ice cream parlor. From the textured waffle cone bottom to the brightly colored ice cream swirl top, each cone looks almost good enough to eat.

In addition to their realistic visual features, the cones are each scented with one of seven flavorful scents—caramel, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, mango, or citrus.

Girl playing with a toy ice cream that turns into a stuffed animal kitten

The fun doesn’t stop there. As kids squeeze, sniff, and serve these toy treats to ‘customers,’ they’ll notice a cloth Velcro seam between the cone and ice cream. Opening the seam reveals a stuffed surprise hidden inside the cone.

Out pops a kitten! Kids can stuff the flexible cone inside the kitten and reseal the Velcro strap to complete the transformation.

These felines will easily win over any child with their smiling faces and soft material. Their eyes are wide and sparkly, giving each cat an animated, fun look.

Stuffed black and white cat with pink eyes

The metamorphosis works both ways, too. All kids have to do is open the Velcro back up and flip the toy inside out again. Completing the full transformation from furry friend to sweet treat!

There are twelve Cool Cats to collect, each with its own name, personality, and style.

Cool Cats are available for pre-order on Amazon today! Get yours here.

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