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Saddle Up for Hours of Fun With Blue Ribbon Champions

Ride into victory with Blue Ribbon Champions! Our realistic models make the perfect toy for any horse lover. They are sure to steal your heart with long manes and realistic sounds.

A Favorite of Horse Enthusiasts of All Ages!

In a stable’s worth of breeds, you’re sure to find your favorite. Whether searching for a colorful Appaloosa, a stunning black stallion, or even a magical unicorn, Blue Ribbon Champions are perfect for hours of fun and happy trails! Blue Ribbon Champions are a favorite of horse enthusiasts of all ages! Whether trotting around the stables or simply a beautiful toy that will look great on your shelf, these horses are sure to delight.

Black and white paint model horse with grooming kit and tack

All the Accessories
You Need

There’s no horsing around here! Each deluxe horse set comes with grooming accessories to keep them ready for any competition. Brush, braid, and style their manes to win a blue ribbon for best in show!

Realistic Horse Sounds

Horse lovers of all kinds will admire the movable head, brushable mane and tail, and the life-like sounds that come with this toy. Whinny and neigh your way through playtime!

Dapple gray toy model horse with a moveable head
Palomino model horse toy for kids with brushable mane

Silky, Brushable Manes and Tails

Make sure your Blue Ribbon Champion looks their best for the next big competition. Use the different brushes to style their hair. Kids can leave hair loose, put it in a ponytail, or even learn how to braid!

The Blue Ribbon Champions

black arabian model horse stallion with a bridle and blue ribbon

Arabian Stallion

Dapple gray morgan toy model horse for kids


Appaloosa horse head with a blue ribbon


Chestnut quarter horse toy model horse for kids

Quarter Horse

pinto model horse with bridle and blue ribbon

Painted Horse

Palomino horse head with bridle and blue ribbon


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