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Take Playtime Outdoors with Maxx Bubbles & Backyard Toys!

From blasters that shoot thousands of bubbles per minute to role play toys that encourage imagination – Maxx Bubbles toys are perfect for getting kids up and moving outside!

Outdoor Play Has Never Been More Fun!

Spending time outdoors on a sunny day is what we’re all about! Enjoy handheld bubble blasters, bubble and sports role play toys, licensed chalk holders, splash pads, novelty toys, and more! 

A Creative Take on Classic Play!

Our innovative bubble and backyard toys are sure to keep kids entertained and active while they play! Young gardeners will have a blast with our exciting role play toys, including bubble mowers, bubble leaf blowers, and bubble chainsaws. Bubble blasters, moving bubble machines, and colorful chalk encourage kids to get active and use their imagination while they play!

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Get Active and Play Pretend!

It’s important for kids to get plenty of exercise, especially when the weather is nice. Encourage imaginative, independent play with Maxx Bubbles & Backyard toys! Kids can enjoy the outdoors while blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk, or playing with soft sports toys that keep your kids entertained and physically active.

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32 oz bubble solution
32oz Bubble Solution

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maxxbubbles 64 fl oz bubble solution
64oz Bubble Solution – Made in USA

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maxx bubbles bubble solution
128oz Bubble Solution – Made in USA

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maxxbubbles bubble fan
Mini Bubble Blower

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handheld bubble blower
Handheld Bubble Blower

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super light up bubble gun
Super Light Up Bubble Blower

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